Innovative quick banner replacement system AdWall

Find out why is it worth to use our solution

Perfectly strung banner

Our method of mounting vinyl banners on AdWall products ensures perfect exposure every time.


Guaranteed durability. The looks of advertising media do not deteriorate overtime.Anodized aluminum frame guarantees durability. It makes the looks of advertising media aesthetically appealing. The frame can be made in any shape according to the client’s needs.

Any RAL color available

The aluminum frame may be painted in any color. Powder coating allows painting the banner to match the surrounding.

Innovative banner replacement system

Safe, efficient and convenient, with AdWall there is no longer any need for ladders or basket cranes. It is also capable of unassisted banner replacement.


Aluminum frame, galvanized construction elements, vinyl print. These features make AdWall withstand to any weather conditions. The highest quality materials (TUV, ISO certificates) are used for the frame production. Backlight option enables banners to be lightened with uniform LED light.

Highest quality UV print

Printing in 300, 600, 1200 dpi quality. For AdWall system we offer premium prints: solvent, UV, latex, and sublimation.

Attract new customers and start selling

Increasing income or acquiring new customers are challenges which every modern company must face.

Esthetic frame, print quality, and always up-to-date advertising message create the company’s image and maintain competitive advantage.

System Solution

Our specialty is cooperating with network clients in Poland and Europe. We offer a comprehensive service of introducing a banner replacement system in any location. We deliver AdWall system throughout Europe.


Professional cataloguing of locations for the purposes of installing AdWall is crucial for a successful implementation of the system. The gathered information can be stored in AdWallCheck system which helps in ongoing monitoring the exposition.


Through adapting cutting edge technologies and optimizing the production process, we are able to mass produce our system while maintaining the highest quality.


Simple design and a network of contractors located throughout Europe allow us to conduct simultaneous installations in multiple locations.


Meeting the deadlines is our highest priority and our high-tech machinery park ensures that we do. Full control of the manufacturing process, from inspecting the graphic material to packing the prints, ensures its efficiency.


AdWall`s design allows us to use storage space efficiently, thus reducing transportation expenses and ensuring low-cost delivery throughout Europe.


We monitor the condition of our banners and regularly inspect the frames installed for our clients. We replace banners for our clients and assure disposal of materials. AdWall system is guaranteed for two years.

The way of banner replacement

The time required to replace the content on AdWall is roughly two minutes.

Our products do not require any glue, therefore they do not take any time to dry and the final effect is visible immediately after the installation is complete.

Print quality

We ensure that the highest quality print is used in AdWall. A multi-level control applied in our manufacturing process guarantees the best quality of prints used in AdWall.

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Additional options


A standard AdWall outer frame is rounded. However, we are able to provide any frame shape to match our clients needs. This kind of order must maintain an adequate volume.


Anything is possible. Our aesthetic, aluminum frame makes the system applicable in the open as well as enclosed locations.
When choosing the backlight option, your advertisement can be lit up with LED floodlight.


Our system offers the possibility of being equipped with a lighting system. The lights we use are an unprecedented economical solution, which is affordable and cheap in exploitation.

The AdWallCheck System

This modern marketing campaign reporting system provides a clear view of the marketing material being presented on all banners used in the campaign. Its advanced database contains information concerning the location and format of specific banners, allowing a precisely coordinated marketing campaign. A friendly and seamless interface grants instant access to vital data available to download in a convenient PDF format with just a single click. This innovative technology also allows access to digital banners. By applying AdWallCheck to LED displays you can install and display any advertisement on specific displays. This way campaigns can be launched from any location with access to the internet.

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